Hikvision Video Intercom Kit

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Hikvision KV8102-IM 1-button intercom

The Hikvision KV8102-IM is an outdoor IP 1-button intercom door station with an integrated camera and reader.

Designed with a metal housing for use in both residential and office applications. Other features include HD video surveillance, noise suppression and echo cancellation for improved audio quality and tamper-proof alarm functions.


Wiring overview

Intercom Wiring

Product Details

1 x mechanical call button
Aluminium alloy construction
Video intercom function
Access control function
Up to 256 access cards
HD Video
Wide 120 degree viewing angle
Noise suppression
Echo cancelling
Flush mount
Power over network cable or 12 VDC IP65

Product Support

These components are included to build basic Intercom kit:

1 x Hikvision DS-KAB01 Intercom Door Station Housing Bracket 

                             HIK KAB01
1 x Hikvision DS-KAD606-P Intercom 6 Port Video & Audio Distributor (incl. Power Adaptor) 

               ds kad606 n img3 d

1 x Hikvision DS-KH8300-T Video Intercom Indoor Station with 7-inch Touch Screen

KH8300 T


⇒ HikVision Intercom Solution (Size: 7.98MB)

⇒ User Manual (Size: 3.15 MB)

Technical Specifications

⇒ Data Sheet (Size: 419 KB)