Electric Bolt

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Eletric Bolt

Quick & Easy Access to your home, office or residence.

This drop bolt is part of our Access Control Starter Pack. Power supply and Access Control is required.


Faceplate: 205 x 30 x 38mm
Strike plate: 100 x 25 x 3mm
Bolt 16mm diameter, stainless 16mm throw
Quality: Stainless steel
Dual Voltage: 12V DC
Start: 900mA
Standby: 150mA
Time: 0/3/6/9 seconds (optional)
 Fail secure: Locked when not energised
Safety function: Double protect current, protect against damage, built-in voltage spike suppressor
Performance testing: Five hundred thousand times aging test
Patent designed: Low temperature
Opening mode: 180 degrees swinging door
Suitable for: Wooden door, glass door, metal door, and heavy door
Authority certification: CE and MA approved