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Climate Control Special Climate Control Solutions on offer in Australia   What are the most common types of climate control?In Australia we have a completely deregulated environment when it comes to climate control, meaning there are lots of different options on the market.Making them SmartOnce you know what you're dealing with, how do we integrate the system into a Smart Home offering?What are the benifitsNeed some stats and figures into Smart Climate Control Solutions? Here is a taste Having a Smart Climate Control Solution means that you can maintain a comfortable temperature while saving bucket loads of money in utility...

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Vera 7.29 Core Firmware Update This is a BIG one. For those of you who are new to the world of Home Automation, firmware updates of this magnitude are special. And those who have been waiting for this, wait no longer.In late April, Vera HQ released their biggest and boldest firmware update for all Vera Edge and Vera Plus controllers. You may recall that last year Ezlo purchased Vera, making this update the first major undertaking for the new owners. It is fair to say that Ezlo certainly impressed with the amount of time, effort and resources that they have...

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Cameras in a Smart Home Why Cameras?Cameras and surveillance have exploded in popularity and accessibility but why are they so important? And why is it so important to have a robust solution?One word: Proof.It is all well and good to see what your cameras see, but in the event of an emergency, you need to be able to show proof to not only the authorities but also your insurance provider. This will usually result in a lower premium and smoother claim process.We explain more below.  While every policy is different, having proper CCTV functionality in your Smart Home can often...

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