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The internet of things continues to develop exceptionally. Many companies decide to incorporate sensors to improve this type of development.   We describe the 15 most used sensors in applications of the internet of things. It allows a breakthrough in technology that we will be able to see very soon.   Temperature sensors   This sensor's operation is very simple and is required to measure temperature in a wide variety of applications. The healthcare industry, agriculture sector, and many manufacturing processes require these temperature sensors to provide accurate and precise results. It even allows for increased productivity in each of...

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This guide shows how to use an interconnected relay to give feedback to your Z-wave Smart Home system.  A common problem here in Australia is that we want to receive notifications from our z-wave system that our smoke alarm is going off but there are no certified products in the market to do this. We have a solution for you with these products will allow you to still adhere to the regulation with also giving you the feedback you desire. Through your Z-wave system, you can then push notifications, email or even SMS. The way that this system has been...

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Cameras in a Smart Home Why Cameras?Cameras and surveillance have exploded in popularity and accessibility but why are they so important? And why is it so important to have a robust solution?One word: Proof.It is all well and good to see what your cameras see, but in the event of an emergency, you need to be able to show proof to not only the authorities but also your insurance provider. This will usually result in a lower premium and smoother claim process.We explain more below.  While every policy is different, having proper CCTV functionality in your Smart Home can often...

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