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GPS Tracker

Q: What is the difference between P2P and web based tracking?

Q: What is a geofence?

Q: What is a tow alarm?

Q: What are the ongoing costs for P2P?

Q: What are the ongoing costs for Web tracking?

Q: How do install the unit?

Q: What stops someone disconnecting the tracker?

Q: Will your plug and play tracker fit my car?

Q: Where do I attach the Magnetic tracker?

Q: What happens if some one removes the magnetic tracker?

Q:How long does the battery last on the portable tracker?

Q:Will the device work in my area?

Q:What is the difference between 2g 3g 4g?

Q:I’ve got a fleet of 24v trucks and a few trailers with vacuum plant with own 12v system What do you recommend I’m based out towards Windsor Can they be Telstra and what’s the ongoing costs

Q:Hi mate if I put this portable device on a van that has work 5days a week. How long will the battery last for before charging again? Also is there a subscription fee for the app?

Q: Does the plug and play device use the gps2 app Is there an option to alert when motion detected after a standstill

Q: Can I see a Demo of the software in particular with lots of devices ie 8-10

Q: Can you see all devices on same screen

Q: How does the two-way calling work on the personal tracker?

Home Automation

How does a Home Automation system work and how do I get started?

How will home automation improve my life?

Which Home Automation systems are the best?

What is Smart Home

Will it increase the value of my home?

Do your devcies work with my Hub?

How long do the batteries last in the Z-wave Device?